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About Us

Our Experience


For 10 years, we have been providing extensive community led development and training services to residents in the Wakefield district under our charity division - Dominion Training. 

In addition to having a great team, we have adopted simple tech solutions and IT processes that support our business goals. We built an IT startup following a growing demand to provide a trust worthy IT support services for our partners and external clients. Fundamentally, our reputation as a company has been built on our continuous ability to  provide help to residents in the district. So we are motivated when we share the success of our IT experiences to help others. 

Our Head of IT has over 20 years experience looking after customers in various IT disciplines. Our ethos is to have 'all hands on deck'  to closely work with you to design a solution and processes that align with your business objectives  

Our Approach


Our approach involves close collaboration with our clients, that is why we carefully select our clients. 

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines 

We have an open discussion around your current IT setup, challenges and needs

moving forward. We will ask questions about your business, IT infrastructure, continuity plans,  resources and at the end of this meeting—which will likely run about 30 minutes, We will be able to figure out if it makes sense to continue on with a more thorough overview of how we can help you manage and address your IT challenges and opportunities. Sound good?

Below are typical examples of the questions we ask during the consultation. We will ask you about 

Resource and management questions

  • ​Size of the organisation
  • Do you have more than one business location?
  • Do you have an IT team?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for making sure your company’s IT resources are meeting the needs of the business? 
  • Do they also make your IT decisions?
  • What tools are you using to monitor and manage your IT network and computers?
  • Is your firmware up to date? Do you have a way to easily identify when firmware updates are required?
  • Is your hardware still under warranty? Do your current systems indicate the warranty status for your devices?
  • How are you typically notified when there is an issue with the company network? 
  • Do you have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) contracted to look after your IT systems. If yes, are you happy with the level of service you’re receiving ? If yes, does your MSP provide you with complete network services, including proactive monitoring and management of your network infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls)? 

Usage and network-specific questions:

  • Can you describe your IT Network?
  • How many devices are connected to your network?
  • Do you know all the devices connected to your network real-time?
  • Do you use cloud-based software (Salesfore, Microsoft Office 365)?
  • How are you currently documenting, monitoring, backing up and managing your network?
  • Are you concerned about a secure network security?
  • Do you have a Help Desk?
  • If yes, what help desk processes do you have?  
  • Who handles your IT issues?

Business continuity and disaster recovery questions:

  • When you think about your business objectives for the next year, does your IT infrastructure support these objectives today, or does it need to evolve to fit your business needs?
  • What would the impact or cost of a network outage look like for your business?
  • Do you backups all computers or servers that store critical data? 
  • Do you have backups of all of your network device configurations?

​We will listen to you and go through how we can run various operations and processes better such as  

  • Incident Management
  • Event Management
  • Problem management and Knowledge management 
  • BAU/Day to Day IT Operation
  • Service Transition and Change process
  • Release and Deployment Management 
  • Application Management
  • Identity Management
  • Repeatable vs automated task
  • Computer and Network security

Why Us?


 In addition to in-house and commercial IT experience, Dominion has built a great reputation in Wakefield and we work closely with the wakefield council.

That means the fundamentals of our business and organisational setup is heavily regulated and audited.

We are about building great relationships.

If you shares similar values and are interested to collaborate with us, feel free to make contact. 

IT business mentors are key— We aspire to give everyone the time and guidance they deserve. 

We didn’t get there alone and neither will you. 

Contact us today